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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session / Mandy + Nick

Mandy + Nick's Sweetheart Session in Lexington, KY / Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

A few people didn't know but a dear photographer friend of mine not only convinced me that I needed to raise my prices, but I also needed to go to a bridal show. First off, I thought they were INSANE! I was getting inquries left and right from brides why would I raise my prices?

Simple. I'm worth more than what I was quoting. So biting my lip, I made a new collections list and paid for my first bridal show in Lexington!

Naturally, I love to talk, so talking to strangers wasn't going to worry me, even though my mom tried for years to get me to NOT talk to strangers, we see how well that went lol anyways! Attending my first show I met a few different brides including the gorgeous Mandy!! This young woman and her best friend fell in love with how crazy my editing is! That I love to step outside the realm of normal and just be me! With that being said, I was so blessed, I started crying when I saw her email asking for me to be there to capture her big day!

Fast forward to August twenty sixth of this year and I got to meet Mandy again along with her fiancé Nick again to shoot their sweetheart session! We started in Keeneland one of my favorite places on Earth as well as Downtown Lexington where we was lucky enough to have a pretty amazing 'Save the Date' card ;)

Enough of me talking, let's get down to the main reason of this blog! The pictures! Scroll down below and check out this amazing Kentuckian Sweetheart Session!