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Lexington Kentucky Wedding | Brittany + Chris

Brittany + Chris’ Wedding in Lexington, Kentucky | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Y’all! I have been waiting and waiting for this wedding for almost what feels like forever and FINALLY! I was about to shoot with Brittany + Chris!

Like most of my Lexington weddings, they’re all different. Brittany + Chris and their families all had rooms at The Campbell House and let me just say the first impression I had of this hotel was Good Lord look at all the horse shoes on that chandelier!!

But honestly that wasn’t just the first thought, it was honestly the whole entire place was stunning! So elegant but it still had a rustic feel to it.

And again let me just tell you incase you didn’t know, in the past few months my love for Betsey Johnson shoes, has hit an all time high. The Tiffany blue bottoms is a dead give away that I am probably going to swoon over my bride’s shoes because a) they’re always beautiful b) she’s an amazing, creative, artist and business woman and c) if you don’t like her you can’t sit with us.

And I have shot multiple weddings where the bride had shoes from a Betsey Johnson Collection and no matter what kind of bride you are, she has the perfect wedding shoes for you!

Focus Rebecca! This special day wasn’t about the shoes! Well at one point the couple did place a game with the shoes but that’s later on lol!

The one thing I enjoyed the most about this wedding was how much detail Brittany + Chris into making sure that even the loved ones that passed away were still there celebrating with them.

Between small keepsake items that Brittany wore during the entire day or the pictures that were placed during the beginning of the ceremony, it was emotional but the good kind.

Speaking of the ceremony, just like being my first time at the Campbell House Hotel, this was also my first wedding at The Thoroughbred Center. This venue was a little different that what I’m use to, for example I have never been to a wedding venue that hosted two weddings in one day. But this space is large enough for that!

Brittany + Chris had both their ceremony and reception in the Horseman’s Lounge and the large brick fireplace and chandelier was gorgeous! Plus all the natural light that came into the room made it so easy to work in!

And even though I loved the part of the officiant telling both Brittany + Chris to take a note on their phones, the storm that randomly snuck into their bridal portraits made these some of my most favorite images.

Even with the storms, I don’t think this wedding could have went any better. I had such an amazing time capturing memories for these two souls that definitely belong to one another. <3

Also! A big thanks to Tiffany of Tiffany McKinney Photography for the amazing help of second shooting with me! <3 It means the world that I have some amazing friends that are so talented and willing to help me out! <3