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LGBTQ Photographer Meetup at Turkey Run Park in Louisville, Kentucky

LGBTQ Photographer Meetup in Louisville, Kentucky at Turkey Run Park | Kentucky Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with some other photographers for a meetup and I am so flattered to meet so many amazing people who all had the same goal! The common goal that we all had was to meetup and work with a couple that is a part of the LGBTQ Community.

Now there is a handful of photographers that will work with couples that are gay and there are a handful of photographers that refuse to.

I am a photographer that will work with a gay couple because I don’t think you should be able to tell a couple who they can and can’t marry. Who they can and can’t love. It’s not my place to judge or condem someone. They love just like I do, so why wouldn’t I work with them?

But this meetup was more than just expressing our love for love. This was also a great chance to work with one of my favorite local photographers Brandi!

Brandi Potter is a destination wedding photographer currently based in Kentucky but her work is amazing! She captures emotion pure and raw as it is in that exact moment and that’s one reason why I love her work so much!

She’s actually is the one who coordinated this entire meetup and was offering up to help anyone! She wanted us to be able to use these image for our portfolio as well as ask any questions so that we can be better photographers.

For me, I asked her, how do I pose a couple? Should I look for one to be more masculine or feminine? And just with a simple shake of her head, she said no.

It made no sense to point out one person in the relationship to have a single role. Instead she showed me how to pose them where you could see affection, emotion, just love. Which kind of lead us more in learning on how to communicate and use prompts vs telling a couple how to pose.

But besides that, I had an amazing time, met some amazing people and just want to brag on how amazing and talented they are! Check out some shots I took of the other photographers as well as this amazing -and patient- couple I had the pleasure of working with!