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Loretto Kentucky Surprise Proposal | Guy + Alex

Guy + Alex's Surprise Proposal in Loretto, KY / Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I can't lie right now. I get a lot of emails and about a good 10 or 11 of them are people wanting me to sell products for them, or scam artist, and as a business owner, I don't like those kind of emails because that's minutes I could use for an actual client.

So when Guy had messaged me about shooting his surprise proposal to his girlfriend Alex, I immediately thought, ok this has to be a scam. No way a man from Saint Louis -who also is a photographer- found me and wants me to be a part of a very special moment.

Boy was I wrong.

Guy is probably one of the sweetest guys (no pun intended) that I have actually met. Normally they are very quiet, hush hush about plans like these but he had an idea and knew exactly what he wanted. Which hey, made my job a lot more simpler.

We talked close to three almost four months about this day and when it actually came, talk about NERVES!! Poor Guy was a bit shaken but you could tell he was excited too!!

And there was a few times when I thought I may had blown my cover and Alex caught on knowing why I was really there -even though I made up this huge lie saying I was with the paper writing a story on love and whiskey *le sigh- she never did.

Now I can't say the same for the five military men that was there -one of them even told me I was a good liar....which I don't know how that's a compliment but I took it as one lol-.

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