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Loretto Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Elizabeth + Devin

Elizabeth + Devin's Sweetheart Session in Loretto, KY / Kentucky Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

When I first met Elizabeth it was actually through Facebook! I didn't get to physically meet her or her husband Devin until this session! You see like a few Marine couples that I know of, sometimes you don't get to have the big extravagant wedding that you want, instead you have a small, and simple courthouse wedding that way you can a) be married and b) go off and explore the world with the one you love! And in this case Elizabeth + Devin wanted to be together.

So when Elizabeth contacted me and booked me to do their anniversary/wedding redo I was so excited! My maim goal was to make sure that it felt like a wedding day to them, to let them experience the day they missed.

But not everything will go as planned. Sometimes you gotta wait on things, and sometimes the Military tells you you're going to wait on things. So even though the wedding redo was cancelled, I still got to meet these two love birds and do a little sweetheart session with them in the cold!

Check out some of my favorite shots below!