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Louisville Kentucky Wedding / Jessica + Mike

Jessica and Mike's Louisville Kentucky Wedding/ Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

When I first met Jessica and Mike, I immediately fell in love with who they are. They knew what my photography style was like, but I wanted to change my normal style up just for them. I wanted to make sure that my editing, the photographs, all of it, matched the love I captured between the both of them.

As always I arrived a little earlier than expected but I wanted to see the decor. I was so excited because this was such a different wedding experience then I'm use to. To walk into the Nunnlea House with the decorations that was already set up, it melted my heart. It was so victorian, early 1800's style that I was in love. I mean how could I not be?

It's not every day you walk into a wedding and you can see little snippets of the couple in every room. From the books, to the little squid -which I was happy stayed in his little jar- even to the artwork of their sweet pup Wiley.

And if you think that I loved the decor, you should have been there for the ceremony. Jessica looked like a radiant queen walking out and demanding the rain to stop and not to ruin her day. And Mike was cracking jokes all day, but as soon as he made eye contact with Jess, he broke down crying with pure happiness.

And during their vows, I won't lie, I was a crying baby. You could physically hear the happiness they had for each other with each word they spoke. But my favorite line was, " was my muse but that has changed. Now, you and Sage are my muse."

*Que the Kleenexes*

I love weddings. I love the clients I meet, the atmosphere of how everyone wants to celebrate, even the cheesy reception music that we all are over, but they're pretty amazing to dance too lol. But this one, this wedding will forever hold a special spot in my heart. Jessica, Mike, thank you both so much for allowing me to be apart of such a beautiful day. I'm so honored to share these moments with you both, as well as your loved ones. I pray God blesses you both each day at a time with laughter, smiles, and never ending love. <3

To see their love, scroll down and check out their love story through the moments I captured.

Also! If you're interested in the catering, floral designer, etc then please check out these wonderful individuals below! They were fabulous to work with!

  • Venue: The Nunnlea House in Louisville Kentucky

  • Catering: Cheryl Justice

  • DJ: Joe Foster

  • Floral Arrangements: Drew Gillum