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Making An Experience - Senior Photographer

When I first started this business, my main goal was work with seniors that couldn't afford senior pictures. I wanted to offer them quality products without really hurting them financially.

Even though I would love to say that's still my goal, it's actually changed. Even though I wanted to help those who couldn't afford quality senior pictures, I was actually hurting my business. I was spending so much money and time on these seniors that when I would calculate all the expenses, I was in the red.

Not only was that an issue I was noticing, I also noticed that I wasn't offering them something other than pictures. They didn't have an experience with my business. We shot for a few hours, got a CD, and that was it. There was nothing that made their pictures stand out and say WOW.

Fast forward to tonight when I'm sitting here trying to force myself to go to sleep, but I can't. It bothers me that I'm not giving Seniors something that they can treasure. So, I finally decided it was time to make a change. To make an experience.

With that being said, Seniors of 2018 and beyond will be offering two different Collections! The first collection offers a set session time. This means we shoot normally around three hours and we will shoot in two different locations, and have up to four different outfit changes! We will actually plan out the ideas you have in person that way we are all on the same page!

The last thing I offer in the First Collection is a Premier Viewing Session! In this viewing session we open your private, password protected gallery and look at the best of the best from your session! If changes needed to be made, we address them at that time!

The Second Collection is a little more full day shooting rather than just a few hours. In this collection, we offer Professional Hair and Makeup.

When you go to a professional to have your hair and makeup done, I can not tell you how amazing the pictures are! These artist have tricks and tips that I wouldn't even dream of knowing to keep your makeup and hair lasting all day. Plus that actually gives me a break from having to edit makeup on to you!

The next part of the Second Collection is the UNLIMITED SESSION TIME. I can not tell you how many times we had ran out of time due to timing or weather and we didn't capture the shots that YOU really wanted. This collection gives you a day to be who you truly are! So having this time frame gives us that needed time.

Just like the previous collection the Premier Viewing Session is included in! Again we will look at all of the best of the best images and make any changes and ordering as well, will be done at this time!

But there is an heirloom item that I'm actually adding into the Second Collection. That's the leather heirloom box with custom USB!! I am in love with these 8GB USBs!! With a elastic holder to guarantee no scratches while your USB is in the box, this heirloom box also has a custom cover! With this feature we can actually place your favorite picture on the front!

I am so excited to take this new journey with all my seniors!!! If any of my current seniors would like the The Black Leather Heirloom USB Box, they are currently available!! Just contact me directly!!

Speaking of the heirloom USB box, check out what one looks like below!!