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Russell Springs Sweetheart Session | Kristen + Jeremy

Kristen + Jeremy’s Sweetheart Session in Russell’s Springs Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you ever talk about a couple that is up for anything, that is willing to go the distance, and even play in some lake water, than you must be talking about Kristen + Jeremy.

In Kentucky, let’s be honest, our weather never knows what it wants to do. Somedays the weather man may call for thunderstorms. You walk over to your door and the sun is shining bright with not a rain cloud in sight.

Other days it may call for Snow in May, or a tornado may peek in just to say hi. Basically what I’m saying is, you never know what mood Mother Nature is in.

However, Kristen + Jeremy and I, we thought we had the weather tricked and was going to get through this beautiful -and a little humid- session without any rain.

Boy was we wrong! (This would be the part where Mother Nature couldn’t decided if she wanted to keep raining or stop.)

But in all honesty, I’m so happy that it rained, because that rain changed the entire mood of the ending part of the session. Heck, even my clients wanted to go play in the rain -and lake-, all while I prayed I didn’t fall down the steep staircase and fall into the dark abyss.

Besides me being a little dramatic lol, this was a shoot that I think may be one of my favorite 2018 moments!