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Shelbyville Kentucky Wedding / Mary + Justin

Mary and Justin's Shelbyville Kentucky Wedding/ Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I seriously love weddings. But I love "love" and the bond between friends, so much more. I have been to a lot of weddings where the Bride and her friends were close, but this group and women, was one of the top three that cared about one another. With pickle shots, and remembering the times on how they met, anyone can feel how close this group was.

However, even though it wasn't about the friendship between the bride and the bridesmaid, it was all about Mary + Justin. Do you remember those 90's movies where the best friends fall in love and it made you wondered, why the hell didn't they get together in the beginning of the movie? That's how I felt about these two. Even if you have never met Mary+Justin before, you could tell how perfect they are for one another.

But enough of me blabbling on how cute and amazing and patient this couple was, check out their wedding below and see what love I saw.