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Smith Grove Kentucky Wedding | Sarah + Cody

Sarah + Cody’s Wedding in Smith Grove, Kentucky | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

One of my favorite couples plus one of my favorite venues, made this wedding maybe my number one favorite of all of 2018! Sarah + Cody’s wedding at Elkin’s Grove was so amazing. And I know I say that a lot but seriously it was.

Their big day had such a rustic and elegant twist to it that it was unique and different than most weddings. Not only did it have this tradtional, classy, elegant atmosphere, there was also a fun feeling in the air.

Between the laughter, the jokes, the ‘weird cropped face of Cody’ bandanas; the gift exchange is what really pushed the emotions and made everyone cry.

And I loved it!

I know that sounds bad I love seeing people cry, but it’s not that! I love seeing two people who are truly in love with one another cry tears of happiness because a day that they have planned for such a long time is finally here.

When you put two people together, who basically read each other’s minds, who just connect on another level that only people dream about (me being one of those people) it makes you live in their emotions and it’s natural to want to cry with them.

Sarah + Cody, thank you both so much for your amazing patience and kind love while working together! I pray every night that God blesses you both with more lazy days, smiles, and of course more Marvel movie dates! <3