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Springfield Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Chasity Warner

Chasity Warner’s Cap and Gown Session in Springfield, Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

To some this young lady may look familiar, and she should, but you’re probably thinking, whoa her horse changed to a different color!

… I just want to go ahead and apologize for that bad Wizard of Oz joke * he he*

But anyways! You may remember Chasity when I shot her Fall portraits and we shot with her horse Moetown! But this time she wanted to use her other horses plus her adorable dog assistant!

How can I say no to such a sweet puppy face!

But anyways! We shot on Chastity’s farm and even with the sun shining bright, Chasity shine brighter and her jokes were a little funnier too!

Check out how much fun we had during her complimentary cap and gown session! <3