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Springfield Kentucky Fall Senior Session at Lincoln Homestead Park | Hailey Jones

Hailey’s Fall Senior Session in Springfield, Kentucky at Lincoln Homestead Park | Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I love being able to say that my job, my full time job, is to take and capture precious moments. However, there’s sometimes some bad luck when it comes to this job. See during this session with Hailey, my camera was acting VERY weird. I have never seen it freeze, or reject memory cards, or even shut off buy itself unless the battery was dead.

So the fact that it was doing all that -plus some- I was kind of freaking out, but I was hoping it -and praying- it would be fine just long enough for me to finish this shoot.

Yeah….that didn’t happen.

ERR 30: An error prevented shooting. Turn the camera off and on again or re-install the battery.”

I tried re-installing the battery back and forth. Again and again. And it did nothing.

Luckily I had my back up camera but even it wouldn’t work! I was about to break down crying in front of this senior because this never happened. Luckily I explained what happened and we reschedule for the next day and she completely understood but I was so confused on what was happening!

That error message? Yeah basically the shutter in my camera died out. So inside a camera is a shutter and it’s basically like a curtain in your house. When the curtain is closed, the camera isn’t on and can’t take a picture. When the camera is on and you click to take a picture the curtain opens up and light comes into the camera.

So besides that, Hailey was a trooper when we rescheduled and was able to finish her session up while using my backup camera which was the Canon Rebel T3i.

This future Hilltopper also wanted to shoot at the Lincoln Homestead Park! This place can easily be over used, unless you do what Hailey and I did which was explore the area and find some different spots to shoot at!

Combining her current school into her pictures, she also wanted to show her pride for Western KY University and that made me love this session because I love being able to see a student know where she’s going!

Check out how beautiful this fall senior session was at one of my favorite childhood spots!