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Stanton Kentucky Fall Senior Session at Red River Gorge | Haley Kennedy

Haley’s Fall Senior Session in Stanton, Kentucky at Red River Gorge | Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I will say my Kentucky Belles this year all wanted something different for their sessions and Hayley was one that went the extra mile! For her Fall session she wanted to go just a bit out of town and to Red River Gorge!

I actually have never been to Red River Gorge or Stanton, KY at all so when she brought this idea up I figured it was worth a try! Between driving through a cave (which made me question if I was going to get trapped inside of it) as well as walking half way up the trail to natural bridge just to be told it closes at dark, it was still worth it!

There was so many pretty spots in this area! The trees were full of brightly colored leaves -the whole shebang-. I’m talking red leaves, yellow, orange, even copper brown ones! I mean this place was perfect for fall pictures.

And even with the outfits she picked out, I had an idea for one! I thought it would look so PRETTY to have her in this gorgeous black dress in the middle of the woods and y’all I’m not joking when I say this was a great idea! Her features and the dress stood out against the trees and rock which made my heart flutter! <3

Check out just a few of my favorite shots from her Fall session in Red River Gorge!