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Styled Tattoo Session / Amber Lucas

Amber Lucas's Styled Tattoo Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I can not preach enough about how much I love this girl! The modern day Snow White is forever going to be her new nickname!

When I'm stressed out, feeling burnt out, I like to have a session where I can let loose, breath a little, and try out new lighting and poses! So when I called Amber and told her I had an idea, she was more than happy to shoot!! Raven black hair, white as snow skin, you can see why I want to call her Snow White lol. But with her looks I knew I wanted her in this dark red dress I owned that I knew would show off her killer tattoos that Amber Goens created!

Enough of me and my long rambling about how awesome both Ambers are, scroll down below and check out some of my favorites from Amber's tattoo session!!