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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session at The Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, Kentucky | Callie + Brad

Hey fiddle fiddle check out these two…well I can’t think of a word to rhyme with fiddle but I can say how extremely cute Callie + Brad were during their sweetheart session! From exploring Keeneland and then listening to their love story, their June wedding is going to be so perfect!

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Springfield Kentucky Sweetheart Session at The Family Farm | Ciara + John

Dirt bikes and a little girl that has her mommy and daddy both wrapped around her little fingers, made this sweetheart session even more sweet! Check out Ciara + John’s sweetheart session on their farm.

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Campbellsville Kentucky Sweetheart Session at The Homeplace on Green River | Bree + Lane

What do you get when you take a rodeo loving cowboy, a horse loving cowgirl, and you throw in a diamond ring? You get Bree + Lane, a dynamic duo who’s sweetheart session literally left me dying to work with them again!

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Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Family Farm | Jennifer + Patrick

When you fall in love with a musician you have to incorporate that into the sweetheart session! And that’s what we did with Jennifer + Patrick’s sweetheart session in Lebanon, Kentucky!!

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Harrodsburg Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Shaker Villiage | Amber + Jordan

Talk about a beautiful! Fall! Sweetheart session! At Shaker Villiage in Harrodsburg, Kentucky! Both Amber + Jordan were so much fun!

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Bowling Green Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Brittany + Carl

These two are not only stunning but they’re hilarious! I swear I’m going to have a blast with them at their wedding at Elkins Grove in Smiths Grove, Kentucky! Until then check out their sweetheart session!

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Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Lauren + Codhi

Talk about a southern love between a cowboy and his cowgirl! Lauren + Codhi’s sweetheart session in Lebanon, Kentucky fit them to a ‘T’ from their outfit down to the locations, it was all about them!

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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Ashley + Ben

I can finally say when I visited Lexington, Kentucky for this sweetheart session at The University of Kentucky I was not expecting to meet the wildcat itself!

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