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Calvary Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Sportsman Lake in Calvary, Kentucky | Mercedes + Daniel

Predicting snow in Kentucky is like predicting who is going to win the lottery. So when we finally got a good snowfall, I had to take some pictures in it! And when Mercedes + Daniel was up for some fun in the snow, I knew this session was going to be packed full of funny moments!

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Springfield Kentucky Sweetheart Session at The Springfield Reservoir | Emily + Ryan

Emily + Ryan were the cutest couple that I got to work with during a mini sweetheart session at golden hour! Plus I got to play with their adorable puppies! Check out how cute their mini sweetheart session was!

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Harrodsburg Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Shaker Villiage | Amber + Jordan

Talk about a beautiful! Fall! Sweetheart session! At Shaker Villiage in Harrodsburg, Kentucky! Both Amber + Jordan were so much fun!

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Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Fagan Branch | Sarah + Joey

Talk about a sweetheart session that was filled with Johnny and June vibes! Sarah + Joey had such a old school, country vibe to their sweetheart session here in Lebanon, Kentucky!

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Louisville Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Erica + Eric

Talk about a a sweetheart session that was challenging! Imagine trying to do a sweetheart session on a sprain ankle! That’s exactly what I did during this session!

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Springfield Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Tiffany + Dre

I have been dying to work with Tiffany + Dre for what feels like forever! I was so happy that I got to shoot their sweetheart session so close to home in Springfield, Kentucky!

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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Maddie + Chance

The University of Kentucky’s Arboretum in Lexington, Kentucky was such a beautiful place to shoot Maddie + Chance’s sweetheart session! I mean just check out that sunset!

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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Stephanie + Sevric