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Springfield Kentucky Sweetheart Session at The Family Farm | Ciara + John

Dirt bikes and a little girl that has her mommy and daddy both wrapped around her little fingers, made this sweetheart session even more sweet! Check out Ciara + John’s sweetheart session on their farm.

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Springfield Kentucky Sweetheart Session at The Springfield Reservoir | Emily + Ryan

Emily + Ryan were the cutest couple that I got to work with during a mini sweetheart session at golden hour! Plus I got to play with their adorable puppies! Check out how cute their mini sweetheart session was!

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Harrodsburg Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Shaker Villiage | Amber + Jordan

Talk about a beautiful! Fall! Sweetheart session! At Shaker Villiage in Harrodsburg, Kentucky! Both Amber + Jordan were so much fun!

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Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Fagan Branch | Sarah + Joey

Talk about a sweetheart session that was filled with Johnny and June vibes! Sarah + Joey had such a old school, country vibe to their sweetheart session here in Lebanon, Kentucky!

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Bowling Green Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Brittany + Carl

These two are not only stunning but they’re hilarious! I swear I’m going to have a blast with them at their wedding at Elkins Grove in Smiths Grove, Kentucky! Until then check out their sweetheart session!

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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Ashley + Ben

I can finally say when I visited Lexington, Kentucky for this sweetheart session at The University of Kentucky I was not expecting to meet the wildcat itself!

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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Trudy + Samuel

I love it when couples want to incorporate their first date and loves into their sweetheart session! So when Trudy + Samuel wanted to go to Common Grounds Coffee Shop I was all for it!

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Russell Springs Sweetheart Session | Kristen + Jeremy

When Mother Nature wants to rain, you even cancel the session or you run and jump into the rain and finish the session! In this case, we ran into it, literally no pun intended!

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