Rebecca Beatty Photography


Washington County Junior Prom / Michelle Hardin

Michelle Hardin's Junior Prom Session in Springfield, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Since meeting Michelle, she was the quiet one. Didn't really say much, and of course one of her team mates and other 2018 Southern Belles called it. They said "'s always the quiet ones that you have to watch out for."

Boy was she right.

Michelle has literally blossomed out of her shell. She now talks about EVERYTHING, she talks about food, what she's loving, food, what she hates, and have I mentioned how we're always talking about food?

Beside that this post is about Michelle's junior prom! Shooting at one of my favorite spots in Springfield, the Fredrickburg's Bridge, I was so ecstatic because a) it was a cloudy day and b) Michelle was drop dead gorgeous!!

If you don't believe me scroll on down and check out her sneak peek with her friends during her Junior Year Prom!!