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What to Wear | Senior Guys

What To Wear: Senior Guys

I can’t express how awesome it was to receive all the feedback on the What to Wear guides I’ve been posting over the past year, however, I have had a few messages from male seniors wanting some helpful tips on what to wear to their senior sessions.

And that was a fantastic idea! It’s not right that I can help female seniors every step of the way, so why not help the guys?!

Before I get to the outfit ideas and what pieces to add, accessories, etc, I wanted to go over the basic tips for the guys to prep for their sessions!

First thing first, you want outfits that you are 100% comfortable in. If you like jeans, sneakers, and a plain henley, then wear that. Don’t wear a black tie event tuxedo if that’s something you feel weird in. Because in all honesty, if you feel uncomfortable it’s going to show in photos.

When you book your senior session, make sure you have enough time to plan your outfits. You want to make sure that your outfits coordinate with the location and the time of year your shoot will be.

For example would you be wearing a Hawaiian print button down and board shorts in the middle of Fall? No. Instead you would wear some layered tops, khakis, beanies, a scarf, and that’s just barely touching the topic.

The other tip that I want to talk about is grooming advice for the guys! Just like girls, you want to make sure that you get your hair cut done 1-2 weeks before the session. Not only plan out when you’re going to get a haircut, but make sure you trim your facial hair a few days before the session.

And yes guys, I highly suggest you moisturize your face, elbows, knees, etc. This will help give your skin a healthier look.

But! We have the basic tips covered, now lets get into the main idea of this post! The outfits!

The set of outfits above are some of the most popular outfits in one of the most popular categories.

Casual Outfits.

Casual outfits can be your best friend when pictures aren’t really your thing, but you still want to look nice! Thermals, henleys, plain and graphic tees, polos, and even button down shirts can be the focal point of your outfit.

Adding to the casual look, khakis or jeans would be your next best choice! These type of pants are always neutral and of course keeps the look simple.

But don’t forget! Just because it’s a casual and simple outfit, doesn’t mean you can’t have accessories! Your favorite pair of sneakers plus a beanie, your favorite sunglasses, a watch, even a chain necklace would look awesome!

The next idea is a semi formal outfit. This is right between a casual outfit and a formal. You have bits of pieces from each category to meet right in the middle. Mixing a button up with a cardigan, black slacks, and then some sneakers is a perfect example! Again, you can add accessories to this outfit to advance the idea to be more casual or more formal.

These outfits are also what I like to call the “Mom’s Outfit.” It’s the perfect mixture between what she will love as well as making sure you’re comfortable in the outfit.

One of my favorite type of outfits is what I call “The GQ Model” attire. No matter who is on the cover of GQ, who is in the magazine, the guy always looks like he’s about to walk off the pages and go to a carpet event.

Formal attire includes a long sleeve button up, a vest with black pants and even dress shoes! Want to take it up another notch? Tuxedos are the perfect example of what a formal outfit would look like and makes you look incredibly professional and like a GQ Model!

Not to mention, the one accessory you want to have for your formal outfit would be a tie of bow tie!

Just like the casual outfits, the athletic looks are another popular choice. With athletic attire, this would also be the ideal place to incorporate your high school sports team into your outfits.

Jerseys, letterman jackets, are just the start to planning out the perfect athletic outfit! Track suits, jeans, and sweats are ideal! PLUS! Sneakers SCREAM sporty/athletic.

As for accessories, watches are still a great item, but baseball caps, sport pins, even a football, basketball, bat etc, adds more to your outfit than you would thought.

Even though this isn’t a style, I wanted to add this article of clothing into this post because it’s starting to become such a huge trend again! And that’s the pattern/Hawaiian floral tops!

I wasn’t really expecting the Hawaiian tops to make such a big comeback but I’m glad it did! This outfit can give you different looks! Between the guy who is always at the beach to a guy who loves the vintage look!

Not to mention, depending on what kind of accessories you add to the shirt, can change -or break- the entire outfit! For example the bottom image with the blue pattern shirt and blue board shorts scream beach, but with the headphones being added as an accessory gives it a different type of look besides being just beachy.

The last idea I’m going to talk about, is a way to style your outfits and that’s based on layers. During the Fall and Winter season, layers will be your ideal choice because it’s going to be the best way to keep you warm! Because of this being a huge part of prepping for your senior session in the cooler months, I wanted to take different looks (casual, sporty, formal, etc) and show you how to layer them and still look stylish yet comfy!

For example, the second picture in the top row! It’s a simple sporty look. A black tracksuit with black and red sneakers, but how did they take it to the next level? By adding their favorite jersey on top of the jacket to make it more athletic. They still feel comfortable, but now they’re outfit is at the next level.

So that’s it! Those are my tips and outfit ideas to help you gentlemen prepare for your senior session! Just remember: Make sure you’re comfortable in the outfits you’ve picked out and they speak true to who you are. Pick out outfits that coordinate with the time of year that you’ll be taking your session in! And don’t forget to get your hair cut, and trim your facial hair, an appropriately before the shoot!