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Where to Shoot | Favorite Local Locations

Where to Shoot | My Top 5 Favorite Local Locations

So there is always questions that I love answering! The first being, what should I wear, which you sweethearts can find here, and seniors, I have a four part series for y’all that are in the works, but you can find the Spring What to Wear, and the Summer What To Wear at these links here.

But the second most asked question is Rebecca, where do we shoot at?

So, I figured I would do a blog post on My Top Five Local Locations that I love to use for portrait sessions. But keep in mind these are just popular spots that I shoot at, if you have a spot in mind that means a lot to you, then don’t be afraid to say ‘hey! let’s shoot here’! I would rather shoot at a place that holds meaning than a random place on a list.

Before I continue!

Please keep in mind that these are public places, however, if you run across a place that may be on someone’s land or a local business, please ask permission first. Even if there’s no sign or not, you ask anyways. It’s common courtesy to ask before you use, the worst thing that could happen is you’re told no and have to find another spot.

Let’s start this list!! Coming in at Spot #5 is the Calvary Creek. This may be my most favorite creek in all over Marion County! I do think it’s over looked but there’s so much beauty behind it!! Depending on which time of the year you go, depends on how the leaves and dry grass will look.

If you’re wanting the dark green colors, then the Spring and Summer seasons may be your best bet. If you’re wanting the leaves to be all the reds, yellows, oranges, and browns, then I highly suggest the Fall season.o

The next spot on my list is actually four spots combined into one. That would be any downtown spot. Lebanon, Springfield, Bardstown, and Campbellsville, all have some of the prettiest downtown locations that I have seen in small towns.

By looking at columns, the first two pictures are from downtown Bardstown! Bardstown does have some unique little spots that again I see people over look all the time. The have log cabins, old staircases, a ton of brick buildings that are always perfect for that urban look you’re searching for, and so much more!

The second column is from downtown Springfield! I In all of downtown Springfield, I love, love, LOVE the new courthouse! The columns may be my favorite part of that specific spot! The add the urban/upper end feeling that if you don’t like the rustic setting, then this would be for you.

And last from the picture below, the last column is little old Lebanon. I have shot on Main Street in Lebanon multiple times and I am always finding a new spot. With the recent addition of graffiti, Lebanon’s popularity with Urban downtown looks have hit a new high.

And last but not least, is downtown Campbellsville. Just like the other towns, there’s always new little spots that can be found and used for urban locations. And my favorite spot to shoot at over there is Campbellsville University! With ceiling to floor windows that look like mirrors, a log cabin, and a clock tower, the options for setting up the background of your session is endless!

Number 3 on the list is actually in Campbellsville! It’s the Homeplace on Green River!

I actually stumbled across this place through a co-worker that I use to work with when I was stuck behind a desk and computer booking luxrious hotel rooms.

Well, being noisy, I decided to go check the place out, and from that day back in 2012 and now, it has changed so much! Just like the creek, the location changes based on the time of the year you visit.

If you like old barns, log cabins, even the old Tebb’s Bend Bridge, this rustic location would be perfect for you. But again, think about the time you want to go. Below I posted different seasons but all at the same place. Some fall (middle three images), some summer (right 2 images) and spring (left two images).

Location number two (which may change) is the old Saint Catherine’s College Campus. Now you may be wondering why I said may change and that’s because the campus was bought which means new owners which means new rules. So there’s a possibility I may not even be able to use that spot anymore.

But still, it’s beautiful! I love visiting this spot during the fall, especially when the leaves have changed colors! This spot here isn’t really strictly urban or strictly a rustic spot, its a small mixture of both. With the old architecture and then the all the different trees there, you can mix and match outfits here to shoot a full session.

And last but not least, my number one popular and favorite spot is the Sweetheart Bridge in Springfield. If you want rustic, this may be one of the most rustic spots I can think of. Being close to the Donkey Tree, the Sweetheart bridge provides (shade in the summer) a unique rustic spot for your portraits.

But I will say that this road is popular and the bridge is used frequently, so if someone is crossing the bridge, step to the side and let them pass. They’re working just like you and I are and it’s only only right to not block them from getting their job done.

So that’s it! My Top 5 Local Locations to use for most of my portrait sessions!

There are ton of other spots that I use regularly as well but these are my top to-go spots!

As mentioned throughout the entire blog, please keep in mind that locations change base on the time of the year. If you’re wanting the leaves to be different reds, oranges, yellows, and cooler temperatures, then definitely plan with your photographer to shoot during September through November.

But! Plan ahead! Fall schedules for photographers are always busy, and if you live here in Kentucky then you know that our weather can change based on a flip of a coin.

Also, keep in mind that these are public places that people access on a day to day basis so be respectful. If you’re wanting to shoot on someone’s land, ask permission before trespassing. The worst thing is you will be told no and half to find a new spot.

If you like post like this, let me know in the comments below and I may make another based on Cities outside of the Tri-County Area!