Rebecca Beatty Photography


Young Love and Blooming Cherry Blossoms - Kentucky Senior - Senior Photographer

I fell in love with this session! From Aly's dress, to the connection these two had, it's straight up just amazing! Sometimes we look for love and then other times we just push it away, when what we need to do is let whatever course we are on, let it happen.

We fight against fate and always end up losing. Fate and God has this plan for us for a reason! They want us to go through something that is completely heart breaking. They want you to feel this pain so that when the right man comes along, he will sit down by your broken heart and slowly start rebuilding it. And it's not just your heart he's rebuilding.

It's your trust. Your love. Your soul. He's rebuilding it all. He's rebuilding you into a better person that you were.

Check out the amazing love between these two ginger babies below! :)