Rebecca Beatty Photography

Meet Rebecca


Love is Like Wild flowers…and I’m a sucker for some wildflowers.

Vibrant. Adventurous. Fun. Three words that I use to describe my work and my life. And if you don’t believe me, just know I can always be seen laughing while enjoying my day.

Something that I love to do when I’m editing (which is always) is to watch re-runs of "‘Say Yes To The Dress” (because lets be honest, some of those stories on there can hit anyone in the feels and you’re reaching for the box of tissues) or the real cheesy Hallmark movies where every one finds love and they make the funny -and corny- jokes.

Yes. I’m one of those girls and I’m damn proud to admit it.

Just a few things you should really know about me!

  • I LOVE to travel!! My goal is to visit Ireland!

  • I need Sweet Tea in my life to make my days 10x better!

  • I. LOVE. HORSES. Enough said.

  • If you love Marvel Comics, then I love you already!

  • And let's not forget about my passion for Captain America, honestly, Chris Evans can save me any day!