Senior Tips on Owning Your Cap and Gown Session | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

The year 2020 has hit everyone in the worse way possible, but it’s really hit our graduating class of 2020 the worst. But since things are slowly opening back up that means are seniors can potentially have the senior year they deserve including Cap and Gown photos!

Now of course with these sessions you’ll already have your personalized cap, your gown, and I’ll have a diploma that you’ll use too but there’s so much more that we can add to your session to make it your own and make it unique!

With that being said I wanted to make a very special blog post to not only cheer up our seniors, but to also help them plan out their cap and gown session! In this post I go over my top 6 tips on what will make your session special to you!

Tip Number 1: Bring Your Future College To Your Shoot!

What better way to announce where you’re going after high school than during your cap and gown session! Bring your favorite shirt or even your college banner! Let’s show pride from where you got accepted!

Tip Number 2: Bring Your Best Friend Or A Parent!

Maybe you’re a bit shy when it comes to getting your pictures taken and you really don’t wanna be alone! Well bring your best friend along! Not only will you get individual shots of you, but you can get some fun shots of you and your bestie!

During this time we have to make sure to follow guidelines, however, I know you and your parents want a picture or two of y’all together because not only are they so proud of you but they want to have this moment to cherish forever. So why not make it happen during your session?

Tip Number 3: Bring A Pet!

If I could insert hand claps I totally would because I want everyone to bring a pet to their cap and gown session! What’s cuter than your mini pony wearing your cap? Or maybe your dog in your gown? If not, a more traditional shot of you smiling and your pet smiling at you!

Tip Number 4: Include Your Passion!

Next tip! And this one I LOVE seeing during cap and gown sessions and that’s seeing what each senior is passionate about. If you play a sport (basketball, softball, volleyball,etc) or even have athletic scholarship, then bring that item with you to use in some of the shots!

Tip Number 5:Dress Like It’s the Big Day!

Tip Number 5 is the second biggest tip I can give any graduate and that’s dress like you’re about to strut across the stage and hold your own diploma! Covid-19 has took a lot away from you graduates however, we can still create that moment! Dress up like the big day is happening, do your hair, put on your makeup, and live in the moment that you’re going to have!

Tip Number 6: Have FUN!

The final tip and probably the one that is the hardest for everyone to accept, and that’s to just have fun. I know with my seniors during their cap and gown sessions the one thing I want to make sure you experience more than anything is to have fun! This is a session to end your senior year on a happy and positive note!


Those are my top 6 tips for owning and rocking out your cap and gown session! I know that right now y’all seniors are going through a hard time and just because the shoot can be personalized to fit you doesn’t make things better. Yes it’s sad times right now and I know it’s going to be hard to smile and act like everything is fine, but I want y’all to know that you have worked your butts off to get to this moment where you can proudly say I graduate high school. I did it. Have that moment wether it be for thirty minutes, twenty minutes, or even just five, grab that moment and soak it in. You’ve earned it.