Wedding Tips | How to Deal with Rain on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Tips on How to Deal with Rain on Your Wedding Day | Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

So let’s talk about the elephant in any room of a wedding couple’s. Yes. You guessed it. That elephant’s name is Rain. As I sit here and wait on my boudoir client to arrive, it’s currently raining outside and it got me thinking. No matter what, here in Kentucky, rain comes and goes on as it pleases. It can be sunny and 75 one moment and then 56 and pouring down.

So what does rain on your wedding day actually mean? Is it bad luck? Good luck? Rain on the wedding day is good luck. I know! That’s weird to say and may be hard to believe but it is! Rain can be cleansing and a sign of unity. In some cultures, rain is believed to cleanse your past and unite you and your loved one. So I figured that even with rain being good luck, this was a time for me to talk to you brides and grooms about rain and what to do!

Tip #1: Don’t Watch The Weather

My mom always told me don’t stress over things that are out of your control. In this case, I always tell my brides, don’t stress over the rain. If it’s going to rain, it’s going to rain. So what I tell my brides is the day before and day of the wedding do not watch the weather AT. ALL. You’re going to stress over the fact that it may -or may not- rain. You’re going to be upset, your bridesmaids are going to be upset, your family, your guest, everyone is going to feed off your energy. To avoid this feeling, we get prepared.

Tip #2: Have A Backup Plan

So let’s say it’s going to rain on your wedding day and you planned for your wedding and reception to be outside. So now what? First thing first. Let’s get a backup plan. By speaking with your venue, ask them if there is an indoor option in case the weather goes crazy! If they don’t have an indoor plan, ask about tents being on the property and the rules for that.

And tents are amazing! Clear ones or even white tents give a classy feel to your wedding! And the clear ones you can just imagine seeing the stars while you dance the night away! And let’s no forget that some tents have options for side walls! So if it is raining, look into these Goff Tents & Events or Special Events, both these businesses can help you decided on renting a tent and the options!

Another idea to help you be prepared for potential rain, is having towels at hand or throw blankets as a gift for your guest! A cute little sign that says “To Have and To Hold In case You Get Cold” beside a basket of blankets is super sweet and guest will love that thought you thinking about them!

Tip #3: Communicate With Your Vendors and Photographer

My last tip for dealing with the rain is talk to your vendors about a possible plan if it does rain and everything needs to be moved around. As a photographer, I watch the weather but I also like to know if the wedding is going to be moved indoors vs being kept outside. Sometimes when we move indoors more lighting equipment is required and takes a few minutes to set up. If I know ahead of time that there is a possible chance of moving everything indoors, I want to be able to set it up just in case!

And honestly, rain can give your photos a unique look! You will have soft and romantic photos that you can’t easily recreate on a normal sunny day. Not to mention! Think about the props that will add to your photos! Clear umbrellas (which you can buy on Amazon here) and bright rain boots just to name a few!

But that’s it! Those are my top 3 tips on How to Deal with Rain on your wedding day! Even though the rain can cause you to stress out and make you think your wedding is on the verge of being ruined, it won’t be! Rain can be a sign of good luck, make for some amazing and unique photos, and can be ignored if you’re prepared!

If it rained on your wedding day, what tips do you have for future brides?