Wedding Tips of My Top 5 Favorite Exits | Western Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

When telling a story with wedding photography, I always want the end of the photos to be left off with the couple laughing and smiling around their families and friends. Exits are the perfect way to end the night! Now before I give you my favorite exits, I want to talk about Fake exits!

A ‘fake exit’ is when we gather all your guest outside in two lines, and have you and your now husband/wife run down the aisle as every one is cheering, laughing, smiling, etc. And once is not enough! I always have my couples go down the aisle at least twice, that way we have them running, dancing, laughing, and I can capture all the emotions!

And because that is the perfect way to end the night, I wanted to write a post on my top five favorite ways to exit a wedding!

#5: Sparklers

Starting off with the most popular choice, SPARKLERS! Sparklers are probably the most popular way to exit a wedding. Out of most of my weddings, this is the way they choose to exit! Even though sparklers are beautiful, they are also VERY dangerous! I have heard of stories where people have gotten hurt before because of being a little too silly or because of issues with the sparkler itself. With anything dangerous, it’s always great to have a backup plan!

And it doesn’t have to be very dark outside to do a sparkler exit! I always suggest my clients to go ahead and do a “Fake Exit” about an hour after sunset! This way they don’t have to worry about checking anymore items off the list and can just enjoy the rest of their reception!

#4: Glowsticks

What if you’re not big into sparklers (or fire) but still want a fun exit for your guest? My next favorite way to exit is glow sticks! These are a safe but fun way to let your guest see you off! And if you’re leaving later into the night, these add some fun light to your exit! Glowsticks (which can be purchase at local convenient stores) or Optic Stick Wands will simultaneously light your exit path!

#3: L.E.D. Balloons

This exit was one of my all time favorites not just because of the reasons behind having an L.E.D send off, but because this was such a unique way to exit! I will say, I highly suggest that if you’re wanting to make sure to have these as your exit, and you’re planning on using helium, then make sure that the balloons are fixed the morning of. That way they will be ready to go!

#2: Bubbles

My second favorite exit EVER is BUBBLES!! Bubbles make an excellent exit for multiple reasons! The first being it can be used as a day exit or a night! If you’re planning to leave early, then these will be perfect! Want an exit when you leave the ceremony and go to the reception, these are perfect too! Not only can they be used during any time of the day, these are are also affordable but an easy clean up!

#1: Confetti

I am in love with CONFETTI EXITS!! They are so much fun and can add so much color and emotion to your exit! If you’re looking to have a wedding that ends early, then this may be the best exit for you! But I also suggest getting biodegradable confetti! With biodegradable confetti it can actually break down on it’s own into natural materials in the environment without causing harm.

That’s it! Those are my Top 5 Favorite exits! Between the colors of confetti, the dramatic sparkler exit, you can find the perfect one for you! And these are just my favorites! You can use streamers, flowers, sprinkles, you name it! Whatever you feel would fit your wedding perfectly, use that!

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