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What to Wear: Sweetheart Session

I often get asked a lot, "Rebecca! What do I wear?? What does he wear!?!"

And even though this is a question asked a lot I decided a blog was needed to provide a few tips on what you should think about wearing!

The number one tip when deciding on what to wear, is dress to comfort!! If you're a casual couple then it doesn't make sense to rent a extravagant gown and tux to take pictures downtown. You're going to look and feel uncomfortable and when you look uncomfortable I'm going to see that in each picture we take. So make sure you're comfortable in the outfits.

The second tip is also pretty important!! Do NOT wait until the night before to pick out outfits. You'll be rushing around trying to find outfits that go together and by the time you get to the location you're going to be aggravated because you don't think the outfits coordinate. With that being said, just make sure you get your outfits together at least a week ahead of time.

By now you're probably getting a faint idea of what you're wanting to wear! And that's great! The next tip is another biggie! You want to incorporate your style into it! This plays back to tip one. When you're comfortable in your own style choice then you show more confidence as well! You're smiling more, laughing more, and you're going to have a better time during the shoot!!

When picking out clothes and matching items together make sure to keep in mind what fits your body type! This is tip number 4!! If you're not a fan of your thighs, then you wouldn't want to wear shorts right? So keep in mind when trying the clothes that you want to dress the body YOU HAVE, not the one you saw in a magazine.

Do you have a dress that you love but has a low neckline? Not to fear! My next tip is add in a statement necklace that doesn't take attention from the ring! With a close up shots it'll actually add interest to the picture! Plus! I know a lot of friends that are photographers that are not big fans of patterns, textures, and prefer you to wear simple fabrics. I on the other hand LOVE floral patterns, plaids, lace, sequins!! If you have a floral dress or a gold sequin cocktail dress, wear it!! A black shirt and jeans or a white button up and dark pants will look AMAZING with a sequin dress where as a navy floral dress would look perfect with a light shirt and jeans or even khakis.

My one fear when I'm working with sweethearts is they're come walking towards me looking like twins rather than a couple about to get married and I know you don't want to look-a-like! So instead with this tip, think about what colors go well with each other. For example, the picture below. She's wearing a white floral print dress with hints of pink, so he wore a pink polo this is a way to play off what the other is wearing.

Also if you're wearing neutral colors (say you're in a white dress and he's in dark khaki pants and a white button up) then add in a bright of color with your shoes or your jewelry! Not only do they make the picture 'pop' but they show off your personality!!

Tip number seven has to be broken up just a bit because it's another biggie! Which it seems all these tips are biggies to me, but anyways! You want to dress for the location you've picked as well as the time of the year. I highly doubt you would be wearing fur boots in a John Row Boat in the middle of summer or even wear jean shorts during the fall time. With that being said:

Summer - When it comes to summer beaches, downtown, flower fields are popular choices for locations. So ladies keep in mind that flat shoes (or barefooted), breathable fabrics and shorter hemlines are a must! Guys, it's even more simple for y'all!! Shorts, jeans, or khakis are ideal pant wear. Polo, plain shirts, or button ups are preferred picks for male clients!

Fall - Fall is the time of the year where temperatures begin to dip, leaves are red, yellow, and orange, and it's the perfect time for longer sleeves, layers and sweaters! If you're taking photos outdoors, try to pick a color palette that works with your surroundings.  The two set of pictures below show natural colors (creams, browns, tans) being paired with darker red color or even a navy blue. Again with the pictures you can see how the couples are complimenting what the other is wearing!

Winter - Even though the air is a lot colder, that shouldn't stop you from picking out some cute outfits! Usually during the winter this is the chance to get a little festive with your sweetheart photos—after all, you have a lot to celebrate! To make it feel festive, consider metallic embellishments. Also monochromatic embellished pieces (like gold sequins) will give your engagement photos just enough sparkle without becoming distracting. Even your fiancé can wear a dress shirt in a crisp solid color to complement your glittery outfit. Not big into being festive? No fear! Layers, sweaters, and solid color jackets paid with snow boots and jeans will make your casual sweetheart session beautiful!

Spring - Spring is the season that is all about pretty pastels, florals and dreamy details! So don't be afraid to add lively touches of color and whimsical prints to your outfits! Another fun part about spring are the accessories!! Think about flower crowns for a few shots or even a few vintage pieces to add a little flare to your images!

But with the pretty pastels and floral prints, spring can also bring a lot of rain showers. WIth that being said, go with the flow! If it's raining, throw on a lightweight sweater over a flirty dress or skirt—you won't freeze if temps start to drop, but you'll still look fresh. Plus right now with guys, If he's opting for dressier attire, a blue suit is totally on trend and he can always remove the suit jacket for a more laid-back look.

So that is it! Those are some of my personal tips to help you pick out what to wear for your sweetheart session! Again this is a personal opinion of mine to help you pick out the perfect outfits for your sweetheart session! If you have any questions or you're interested in booking a sweetheart session then feel free to contact me here!