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What to Wear: Spring Senior Edition

Recently I asked on my Facebook VIP Group about what y'all my clients would like to see more of and there was a lot of options from everyone! One of the the popular choices was what to wear! So I figured I would start a four part series for seniors on what to wear!

This post is dedicated to what to wear for spring! Now these are not items that you have to wear, just an idea. The main idea of this post is for you to have an idea on how to style your wardrobe choices for your spring session!

What I normally tell senior clients is before you just throw a bunch of outfits together, pick out one article of clothing that is going to be the main look. Like the outfit below.

One of the popular trends for this year's spring fashion is neon/bright colors. So below, the outfit has a bright neon turquoise and orange statement necklace. This necklace can literally stand out all by itself! With it being bright and a statement necklace, it wouldn't make sense to pair it with a romper that had some sort of pattern.

Instead why not pair it with a neutral shirt, like the white over the shoulder blouse, and then some black ripped pants, and then match one of the colors in the necklace for your shoes. Even adding in some stud earrings of a single color will bring the outfit together.

I love this outfit for the simple reason it can fit a few different styles. This can be girly, rocker, even sporty if you pair it with sneakers.

It's always been a fashion rule that you're not suppose to wear white after labor day however with spring, one of the popular color choices is white! I love spring outfits because there's always that pop of color and you can add white in to brighten the outfit!

With the outfit below we wanted the focus to be on the red off the shoulder dress but pair it with two other pieces to make it look girly with a little flare. By pairing it with a classic jean jacket and a pair of white ankle boots it made this outfit BOLD!

For spring, I LOVE crop tops and metallic items! So for the outfit below we paired some distressed shorts with a bandana pattern crop top that shows off the shoulders and a little bit of the stomach. Crop tops add that extra personality flair to an outfit as well as their fun to wear! To top off this outfit, we added in a tassel necklace that the girls can play with, hold, etc in a few shots that way their hands don't tense up. But my favorite item in this set are the ankle boots! <3 <3

Incase you can't tell, I love boots lol but a lot of people think that ankle boots can only be wore during the fall and that's not true! Ankle boots can be wore all year long! Especially metallic boots like the one below! They add in that extra POP!!! Such a simple but fun outfit!

Now what if you're not about the girly side? What if you don't like the bright colors or dresses? Then this outfit would be right up your alley! Cargo pants have always been in style and their super comfortable to wear! So using that as clothing piece to build on to you can add a lot on to have a rocker vibe!

The outfit below we have cargo pants with combat boots, again, you can tuck the pants legs in or leave them out. Me personally, I think tucked in looks better, because if you have a design on the boot it'll be visble. As for the top, I would recommend a graphic tee like the one below! "No rain, no Flowers" And to keep up with the rocker vibes, pair it with a leather jacket and some aviators! Both of these accessories can be used to play with! Throw the jacket over one shoulder, rest it off your shoulders, pull the glasses down, place them on your head, the ideas can go on and on.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Really Rebecca! Red again!! " And this would be the part where you roll your eyes! But y'all!! It's no so much about me saying wear red, wear red! What I'm saying is BOLD. BRIGHT COLORS! Spring is a season for color! It could be orange, green, blue,, yellow, what ever color it'll work with this set!

The great thing about the outfit below is it has it's girly perks and it can all be a tomboy look! Pairing the dress with a bomber jacket and a pair of sneakers and we have a sporty tomboy look. Don't want sneakers? Add in a pair of open toe booties with chain hoops for a more rocker girl look. And of course! Pair it with some black kitten heels for that girly look.

You can't have a spring session without a romper! And a floral one at that!! This next outfit is super cute and chic! This romper (That has pockets, how can you hate something with pockets) paired with a blush pink (or a pastel pleather jacket) would be classy!! But let's not stop there! Add a neutral color wedge or heel with a simple gold chain and we have a classy chic look!

What do you get when you mix lace and rompers together? You get a super cute outfit! Lace is something that almost every girl loves! Especially blush pink lace! This romper -to me- just drew me in and I had to include it in as a potential wardrobe item!

When paired with bold jewelry (like chandelier earrings with neon pink tassels) and a pair of strappy heels make this another chic and girly outfit idea!

When you think of spring you think of this classic look! A chambray blouse paired with a lace skirt or shorts is a classic look that everyone can rock! Strappy heels, wedges, or even a pair of plain sneakers will make this look your own!

Want to add bright accessories? Try a belt of color or even neon color earrings like the ones below!

I promise this may be the last romper I use as a reference (possibly) but I really wanted to share this one because what is the one thing you think of the most when you think Spring? My first thought is spring break! So why not add some tropical prints into your look! That tropical romper would look KILLER (with it's racer back details) and a layer necklace! But this is the part where we can kindof add a few pieces to make it a classy rustic outfit. By pairing it with a chambray blouse and a neutral ankle boot (this lace up bootie is to die for) makes this outfit one of my faves!

We've talked about a few different outfits, but lets talk about a more modest approach. Again, I love spring but I love spring break. So I wanted to play on that tropical feel again and looove this beautiful island body con dress! It flatters the body and covers it from shoulders down to your calves and once paired with a pair of heels, this outfit is amazing on it's own!

But! Add on a thin over sized sweater with a bracelet set and this will give everyone the island, spring break feels!


Just like coordinating your outfits for sweetheart sessions, you want to make sure that you're not matching your items together, instead coordinate them with one piece as we mentioned earlier. With the image below we have a halter style, floral romper (or a floral dress) that we paired with navy velvet ankle boots but a neon yellow watch and earrings. We already have blue being our main color so to compliment it we added in the yellow. You can always change this out for a more metallic gold if that's what you prefer!

Again to add an accessory that you can throw over your shoulder, or wear and tie in a knot, is a denim button up. Roll up the sleeves for a few shots if you plan on wearing the bright jewelry!

 The cool thing about Fashion is you can mix different styles and still have a feminine sporty look. The next picture is one of my favorite alternatives to a girly look. This sporty look has the classic ripped skinny jeans paired with a graphic tee and a pair of high tops with a little gold accent. With just those three items you have a cute simple look that you can pair with some bracelets or even a watch BUT! To go the next level, try layering! Layer a track jacket underneath a leather jacket which again, gives you that chance to have 3 different looks with the same basic items.

Now this next outfit can be used not only for spring pictures, but also could be used for fall (just change the footwear)! But I love using caridagans in spring pictures because here in Kentucky, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. It can be 75 degrees one moment and the next day it could be 40, you never know!

With keeping the weather in mind, the jeans and the floral tank top is a nice and basic outfit that will still make a great outfit for pictures. But let's go the next step! Let's make it a little more cozy!! By adding an off the shoulder cardigan, again we give the hands a chance to show movement and relax rather than being stiff!

Last but not least is my favorite outfit! I love jeans and I love the color red!! So I really wanted to include a fun outfit that kind of brought in textures, colors, even that extra step of boldness!

With this outfit the color red was the main focus point! So we paired a pair of high wasited skinny jeans with red-velvet ankle boots (that you could wear over the boots or tuck in), ombre tassel earrings that will POP when we take a close up portrait shot, and last is the rose embroidery crop top! 

Now I mentioned early that crop tops are fun and add a lot of personality to your session! Now this top has the bell sleeves with the details that can be used to catch your eye in close up shots and in full portrait shots!

Now if you don't wanna show your stomach, you can always use a similar top that has embroidery or even a simple color shirt with bell sleeves! The options are endless!

So that is it for this What to Wear: Spring Edition! Again these are not set in stone, 'you have to wear this' outfit choices. These are just ideas used for you to see all the different options!

Velvet, metallic, bright or pastel colors, floral prints, are just some of my favorite items but here is a list of more items that you can always try to build a spring outfit around!

  • Floral/tribal/animal prints

  • Sequins

  • Stripes and Polka Dots

  • Preplum Tops

  • LACE

  • Varsity Jacket

  • Maxi Dresses that are full

  • round sunglasses

  • Fringe/Faux Fur Jackets

  • Thin Cardigans

  • leggings

  • chokers

  • chandelier earrings

  • Pleather or fuzzy textures

  • Sheer clothing

  • Overalls

Are you excited about your spring session? Comment below on which outfit is your favorite!