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What to Wear | Summer Senior Sessions

What to Wear: Summer Session

Since my What To Wear Spring Edition for Seniors was a big hit, I wanted to make another one based on what to wear but for the Summer!!

Starting out with some punk/rocker vibes. Believe it or not, you can wear black during the Summer. Between graphic tees, slouch beanie hats, and combat boots, those are just basic items you can use to create a perfect rocker look for summer.

The outfits shown below (images from All have different ways to style a rocker/punk vibe. I think my favorite part about summer rock looks, is mixing a little bit of a bold color (like the red outfit in the bottom left hand corner) or even staying within the gray color scale (like the top right hand corner).

And with these looks, don’t think you can’t add girly accessories or accessories in general to the outfits because you can! Lace shorts, round sunglasses, and even silver jewelry, can all pull the outfit together and make it better!

The next type of attire I want to talk about is actually a little more dressy. I had a lot of questions about dressing up more for summer sessions, but they weren’t for sure on how to style an outfit like that. So! Introducing a few of my favorite classy outfit ideas. High waisted pants, blazers, heels, pencil/a line skirts are the basics needed to have the perfect classy outfit.

These looks give off the impression that you’re the boss and you rock this session! And that’s true! You make your session you!

Just like most outfits, adding in a pop of color (or flashy print) can add more to the outfit. As well as pairing gold jewelry to give the outift a bit more class.

The reason I picked a lot of outfits with blazers is because you can take them off, put them on, and do different shots with both!

Now what if you’re not really into the rock scene or want the classy look? What if you’re a little more southern and country? Then summer is going to be the best time to wear these next set of outfit choices. Boots, jeans, shorts, and flannels are key items to a country girl’s outfit. With adding in turquoise jewelry or bangled bracelets really helps make the outfit mesh rather than thrown together. And not a fan of boots? Then add in a pair of sandals instead! Remeber, during the Summer you’re going to be hot, so when picking out outfits, think light weight, cotton material that will help keep you cool. And if you’re shooting into sunset and it starts to get a little too cool, throw on that jean jacket for a little added touch of rustic!

Now in my last post I really didn’t touch on the Sporty/Athletic look that much, but this time I wanted to make sure I covered all different genres.

Now since summer is normally hot, you don’t want to wear sweat shirts, and sweats only, cause let’s remember these are your senior pictures. We don’t want sweat stains or images that look like you just rolled out of bed.

So instead of a full sweatshirt, why not a cropped sweatshirt? Mixed with a baseball cap, and jogging pants? It gives that edgy, sporty look that fits to who you are and is a classic!

The biggest accessories to tie any sporty/athletic look together is sneakers. High tops, low tops, Converse, or even Jordan’s, any of these kind will give off that look! And again you can add jewelry and other small accessories to give the look a more girly feel or even a masculine feel.

Now this one hit me a few nights ago because I have seen a lot of these style start to populate my newsfeed and that’s the bohemian style.

Free-flowing clothes, floral and paisley prints, and mix matching rings scream bohemian. With the three images posted below it gives you a different idea of how you can make the perfect outfit. You can be classy/formal like the middle outfit, or simple but still bohemian like the last outfit.

With bohemian outfits you want to focus on free flowy clothes.

A few items that would make great pieces to build your perfect outfit would be:

  • maxi skirts

  • gladiator sandals

  • over sized sunglasses

  • chunky earthy jewlery

  • big hats (perfect for protecting you against the summer heat)

  • and tunic blouses!

We’re almost to the finish line! I know this is a lot to take in but like I said I wanted to make sure I touched on all genres when it came to what to wear for your Summer Session!

Speaking on outfits! Stripes, floral, and tribal OH MY! Prints during the summer are amazing! Not only are they eye catching but they normally have bright colors which pulls focus from the entire image to you!

So let’s say you have a brightly colored, sheer tank, what’s next? Jean shorts (or skirt), sandals, a solid color bracelet and earrings, and hell add in some overalls for that summer look.

Each outfit below shows how you can style one item in two different ways, or even mix brightly colored/printed shorts with a solid color top.

And don’t forget that these are just ideas to fit your style. They’re not items you just have to have but just an idea for you to create your own look!

I will say it over and over again that the one thing I love about Summer are all the rompers! One, they’re comfortable. Two, they are easy, breezy, and won’t make your sweat to death. Just like a majority of the outfits on this blog, you can add accesories to them to change the style of it.

Want a more classy, formal look? Add in a pair of your favorite black or nude heels.

Want that carefree, I’m about to leave on vacation look? Sandals, sunglasses, and even a fedora gives off that look!

And last but not least may be one of my favorite summer looks, and that’s the girly looks. Don’t get me wrong, all the outfits in this post I love and would probably try lol but these scream summer for that ultimate girly girl.

Pastel colors, chunky knit sweaters, shorts, and crop tops will be your best friend. Again, these aren’t “have to have” outfits. These are ideas to help you piece together outfits for your session.

You may not like the pink tank top in the fourth image, but you love the black tank top. Then match them!

Another thing to keep in mind about summer is adding in a chambray shirt. If you’re wearing a crop top you can add in a chambray shirt and tie it around your waist or even button it up to give off the illusion of a full tank top underneath.

Frilly skirts with oversized, light weight sweaters are beautiful! They give off the girly, innoccent impression and again we can make a lot of different looks with just that one outfit. Off the shoulders, wrapped around you, the options are endless.

Well that’s it for now! This blog post was my opioion on what to wear when the weather is hot but you’re shooting in the summer! But keep in mind a few things:

  • Dress to comfort! Don’t pick an outfit that others like, if you don’t like it, I’m going to see that in the pictures!

  • Do NOT wait until the night before to pick out outfits! If you book your session a month out, use that month to find accessories, key pieces to make your outfit unique.

  • And of course, don’t look at these as have to have items. Instead look at them as guidelines.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! <3